Houston Rockets: I Have a Little Dreidel! (Video)

By Phillip Pyle

Aaron and Greg win for Best Originality of Little Dreidel!

Once again the Houston Rockets take part in the Jewish holiday tradition of Hanukkah, which overlaps Thanksgiving this year. The team sings “Little Dreidel” and of course have no clue what the lyrics are, although Chandler Parsons, and Donatas Motiejunas sand the very same song last season.

Dwight Howard teams up with Terrence Jones, who perform the song with a slight hip-hop vibe, and probably the most entertaining rendition. The Israeli-born forward for the Rockets, Omri Casspi, has no idea what the words are; Aaron Brooks breaks off into the Animaniacs, with Greg Smith, and Patrick Beverley looks confused throughout.

Of course Dwight Howard was going to put on a show, even taking shots at Aaron Brooks during the rendition. If I had to rank the best performances, Howard and Jones would win for overall best performance, while Greg Smith and Aaron Brooks would win Best Originality by dancing, and making up their own song. Cory Brewer and Omri Casspi come in last place with the least enthusiastic performance, and Chandler “Justin Timberlake” Parsons goes solo, because female Rockets fans don’t need to see him with other players. No sign of Lin, or Asik during the video…Hmmmm?

The Rockets square off against the Atlanta Hawks tonight at the Toyota Center, looking to push their win total to 11 games. Let’s hope a little Hanukkah- spirit propels them to victory.