Houston Rockets: Jeff Van Gundy Talks All-Star Ballot

By Bill Simpson

Space City Scoop’s Bill Simpson recently spoke ESPN NBA analyst Jeff Van Gundy about his thoughts on the NBA All-Star voting, and the chances of 3 Rockets’ players making it to New Orleans this year.

As covered here, five Houston Rockets made the All-Star ballot.

Jeff Van Gundy on the NBA All-Star Ballot

When asked about the NBA All-Star voting format, as always, Van Gundy gave his honest opinion. The Rockets have five players on the all-star ballot, but the most intriguing name was Omer Asik.

“They start balloting so early, it’s not even by what [the players] are doing. It’s so stupid. Why is he(Asik) even on it? Can we make a rule? If you don’t start for your own team, you can’t be on the All-Star ballot. If you’re not All-Team, how can you be All-Star? Something that’s so important to the players, why don’t we just poll all second graders in America? And have them make random changes?”

It’s the fans. We just don’t know what we’re doing.

While James Harden and Dwight Howard have the best chances to make it of the five, Van Gundy didn’t rule out the possibility of a third Rocket make the cut.

“To get the third guy besides Howard and Harden, they’d have to be leading the conference, but if someone gets hurt there’s always a chance. People shouldn’t look at raw stats, they should look at per minute stats.”

Life As A Broadcaster

Van Gundy is currently a broadcaster for ESPN. He’s probably most famous for coaching Patrick Ewing and the New York Knicks, but now fans love him for his personality. Vun Gundy, Mike Breen, and before he started coaching the Golden State Warriors, Mark Jackson, were ESPN’s best broadcasting trio. Jackson and Van Gundy would get into intellectual, yet hilarious arguments.

“I miss him. He’s a good man.”

Van Gundy was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Sports Personality, Sports Event Analyst in 2011. He is not afraid to voice his opinion – one that is usually well thought out and constructive.

Like when fans get to vote, for example.