Houston Rockets: Who Would You Trade Omer Asik For? (Poll)

By Phillip Pyle

The Houston Rockets have set a December 19 deadline for the dealing of Omer Asik, and there have been numerous players, and options that have surfaced. Of course some of these scenarios are more fantasy, then reality but with six days left, WHAT DO THE FANS WANT??

Vote in the poll:

Who Would You Trade Omer Asik For?

Jeff Green

(9%, 12 Votes)

Anderson Varejao

(7%, 9 Votes)

Carmelo Anthony

(24%, 33 Votes)

Kendrick Perkins

(2%, 3 Votes)

Paul Milsap

(39%, 53 Votes)

Thaddeus Young

(4%, 6 Votes)

Ersan Ilyasova

(5%, 7 Votes)

Just Draft Picks

(10%, 14 Votes)

Total Voters: 137

We will keep the poll open till the 19th, and maybe Daryl Morey will reference the poll to help him make his decision.

Many league insiders maintain that the Rockets’ No. 1 target in an Asik deal is Hawks forward Paul Millsap, who will join more than 100 players who signed contracts in July in becoming trade-eligible Dec. 15, which happens to be Sunday. We caution, though, that gauging the Hawks’ true willingness to part with Millsap — after signing him to a two-year, $19 million deal that increasingly ranks as one of the league’s best bargains — remains a mystery thanks to ever-coy Hawks GM Danny Ferry.

The Rockets have shown interest in Varejao in previous years, but one source close to the process indicates to ESPN.com that Houston would not be willing to deal Asik for Varejao straight up. It’s believed that Houston would seek at least one more asset in the exchange if talks with the Cavs ever progress to a serious stage, presumably a future first-round pick.

ESPN.com reported last week that the Rockets are determined to trade Asik to an Eastern Conference destination in part to keep his highly rated defense away from current teammateDwight Howard. Two more teams, then, that continue to be mentioned as potential trade partners for Asik in addition to Atlanta and Cleveland are Philadelphia (Thaddeus Young) and Milwaukee (Ersan Ilyasova).

The Carmelo Anthony, Jeff Green scenarios, have all been fabricated by myself, and a collection of guys at a local barbershop last week.