Houston Rockets: Best Of Chandler Parsons’ AMA on Reddit

By Michael Ma
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Jan 16, 2014; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Rockets small forward Chandler Parsons (25) and power forward Donatas Motiejunas (20) high-five during the second quarter against the Oklahoma City Thunder at Toyota Center. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Sports

Houston Rockets forward Chandler Parsons spent Tuesday afternoon interacting with fans through an Reddit’s “Ask Me Anything”(AMA) feature. Below is a transcript of some of the best questions and answers in the session.

Q: What was it like starting your pro career in France due to the lockout? Was is stressful coming into the league with such uncertainty?

CP: Very stressful without having a guaranteed contract. There was pressure to playing in a foreign place without out having a deal done and knowing the Rockets and every other team were watching me. Ate Subway and McDonalds every day.

Q: I’d like to know how the Asik trade scenario is impacting locker room chemistry, if at all. Also, Why does Mchale hate Jeremy Lin with all his heart?

CP: Waiting on Omer to get healthy, he can really help us out. I am not the GM so dont know about any trades. He doesnt hate him, Jeremy is a huge part of our team.

Q: Who is your funniest teammate? Please share a story or two.

CP: Dwight by far. Every day is something different.

Q: How much crap did your teammates give you about the modeling commercial?

CP: a lot in the beginning bc you dont see many NBA guys doing that, but in the end they all really liked it and it turned out well. A lot of compliments once they saw it.

Q: What would it take for Harden to shave his beard?

CP: Nothing, we have tried and bet him on tons of things. He will never do it. Plus… Have you seen him without it?

Q: Who is your favorite basketball player of all time and why is it Jeremy Lin?

CP: no its Yi

Q: How much does GM Daryl Morey’s emphasis on advanced stats shape how the team is coached, and how did you have to change your game to fit the system?

CP: I feel like its perfect for me bc I am a very efficient player. I did not have to change much bc I have always played that way. I think its a great way to maximize your players. Its a fun and exciting system to play in.