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Houston Rockets: Best Of Chandler Parsons’ AMA on Reddit

By Michael Ma
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Q: Who do you feel is the Rockets’ biggest rival right now? There’s the obvious in state rivals with San Antonio and Dallas but I feel like Golden State has to be up there.

CP: probably Golden State. They’re very talkative, but they have a similar system and its fun to get up and down. They are very talented.

Q: Is it weird knowing that a good portion of diehard NBA fans have a man crush on you?

CP: lol, there isnt a lot of competition.

Q: Chandler how did you come up with the handshake between you, Jeremy and the beard?

CP: all came together two minutes before opening night.

Q: What is it like playing with guys like James Harden, Dwight howard and Jeremy lin on a daily basis? What has it been like for you since you kind of exploded in fame over the last two seasons?

CP: Awesome playing with those guys. They make the game a lot easier for you. Don’t pay attention to fame stuff. I try to be same person…but i dont wait in line anymore.

Q: What aspect of your game do you pride yourself most in?

CP: being a great teammate, lead by example, and definitely the deadliest pump fake in the league.

Q: What area of your game did you work on the most during the off-season?

CP: training with rob mcclanaghan improved every facet of my game. Try to be an all around player and as versatile as possible. Want to be able to do everything on the floor.

Q: Do you believe that staying for four years in college was a major factor in your great transition to the NBA?

CP: Being a 4 year guy you are more game ready and mature than guys who come in too early. You understand work ethic, how to win, and have experienced playing in big games. You are only 22 years old.

Q: Among all of the small forwards in the league where would you rank yourself? Also, you play a pretty complete game, but what would you say is the thing you need to or could improve most on?

CP: I think I can play with anyone. work on my ballhandling so I can do a better job of creating my own shot.

Q: The Rockets (Harden in particular) get a lot of criticism for a lack of defense. How can you guys improve on that end, given that many teams without a good defense can get bounced early on in the playoffs?

CP: defense is really a mindset. Guys need to focus and understand we will always score a lot of points.

Q: So Dwight obviously has improved in his post play and is really starting to be unstoppable in the low block. So I was wondering, how often does he actually practice, with or without Hakeem or McHale? And do you plan on developing a post game?

CP: working on the post game. With my size I need to be able to take advantage of matchups. Can learn a lot from those HOF guys.