Houston Rockets: NBA Logos Redesigned In The Style Of Soccer Logos

By Phillip Pyle

The Houston Rockets have had only three logos for the entire time the team has been an existence. Numerous blogs have made logos based on the Rockets colors, and theme. Space City Scoop just recently had it’s logo updated, but the previous one is still one of the best blog logos out there. (biased)

Milan Vučković, a Serbian logo, web and UI/UX designer, is a fan of both football and basketball. He’s always wondered what NBA logos would look like if they were redesigned in the style of football logos. According to Vučković, every logo you see is color correct and matches the idea of the original logo. Milan re-designed each NBA teams logo, and some are cooler then others.

The above image is the design for the Rockets. Not sure why Milan put Saturn as the logo, and not use a image of a Rocket, but I like overall what he came up with. If the Rockets were a football(soccer) team, we would have a pretty competitive team. Dwight Howard at goalie, James Harden as a striker, Chandler Parsons, Jeremy Lin as midfielders, with Francisco Garcia, and Patrick Beverley shoring up the defense.

Check out his Behance page for more NBA logos.