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Houston Rockets: 4 Things We Learned from Win Streak

By Bill Simpson
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2. Better Floor Spacing

The Rockets shoot the most three pointers and free throws out of any team in the league. Why? Proper floor spacing. Lin, not known as a three point marksmen, has had his best three point shooting statistics of his career. Similarly, Howard has a better field goal percentage, averages more points per game as well as assists then his last season with the Los Angeles Lakers. Harden also has a better field goal percentage.

Due to Howard and Harden drawing double teams, and with the proper role players around them, the Rockets are third overall in field goal percentage at 58 percent. As a whole, the team averages better three point shooting and more attempts, a better field goal percentage,  less turnovers, and more assists—especially from Harden and Howard.

According to, Dwight Howard is the Rocket who touches the ball the most; but relatively speaking, he is 39th in the league in touches. Harden is 43rd. Just to compare, Portland’s Damien Lillard and LaMarcus Aldridge are fourth and 26th, respectively, because they are the two Blazers who combined have the ball in their hands for most of the game.

On the other hand, Harden was 27th and Lin 48th, respectively, ranked in the total number of passes a player makes and the scoring opportunities that come from those passes.

Chandler Parsons has also been a killer from deep. He’s actually going to form his new shooting club: the 40-50-70 club. No, not 40-50-90, because his free throw shooting is too inconsistent, especially for someone who shoots from the field like he does. During one half of a game, Parsons made a new record by knocking down 10 out of 10 three pointers.