Report: Rockets, 76ers Agree on Lin Terms

By Mike Mitchell

Yesterday, we detailed this coming weekend’s 72-hour frenzy set in motion by the Mavericks-Chandler Parsons offer sheet.

Today, as Parsons puts pen to paper to start the clock, one of the necessary steps for the Rockets to retain Parsons while adding a max free agent, such as Chris Bosh, appears ready to be triggered.

Heading to Philly?

According to Jake Pavorsky of Liberty Ballers, the Rockets and Sixers have agreed to terms on a tentative Jeremy Lin trade, with the Sixers taking on Lin’s salary and cap hit for 2015, and the Rockets including an undisclosed future first round pick as a sweetener.

The Rockets own their first- and second-round picks in 2015, in addition to second rounders from the Knicks, Wolves and possibly the Clippers.

Rockets fans who want their own Superteam for 2015 are rooting for the following steps this weekend:

1. LeBron James signs with Cleveland.
2. The Lin trade to Philly is processed.
3. Bosh (or, less likely, Carmelo Anthony) signs with Houston.
4. Houston matches offer to retain Parsons.

Stay tuned.