Post-Bosh, How Should Rockets Handle Parsons? (w/ Poll)

By Mike Mitchell

Chris Bosh’s bizarre display of loyalty to the post-LeBron Heat has left Houston in a bind. Jeremy Lin is gone, and they now have eight figures of cap space to play with to complete a roster that expects to contend. They have three options, all revolving around the Mavericks offer sheet to Chandler Parsons, and will have to exercise one of them this weekend:

1. Let Parsons go to Dallas. The Rockets could start looking ahead to next off-season, when Kevin Love, Rajon Rondo, LaMarcus Aldridge, Rudy Gay, Tony Parker, Goran Dragic, Arron Afflalo and Monta Ellis could all potentially be unrestricted free agents. They would still have Dwight Howard and James Harden under contract, at age 29 and 25, respectively, and could pursue their third star then.

Essentially, kick the can down the road, and win 50+ games this year while likely falling short of true title contention.

2. Scramble to use the cap space in the next 48 hours, then match. Maybe it’s reuniting the 2011-2012 Lakers frontcourt of Howard and Pau Gasol. Maybe it’s trying to make a godfather offer of future 1s, Terrence Jones and Patrick Beverly for Kevin Love (hint: not good enough).

Or maybe it’s merely making 2-3 savvy mid-market additions, like Paul Pierce or Anthony Morrow. Fill the cap with talent, then match on Parsons.

3. Just match on Parsons. It still uses all of the cap space, and so forfeits some of the advantages to a contender built into retaining your own player above the cap line. But if you happen to believe Parsons can grow into the third best player on a championship team, this is perfectly justified. No need burden the payroll with questionable contracts for mid-level players just because the clock is ticking.

What would you do this weekend in Daryl Morey’s shoes?

UPDATE (11:10 AM, Saturday): The results to date are interesting. Our first 225 voters are divided, with a 45% plurality wanting to let Parsons head upstate, and the remaining 55% split on the circumstances in which retaining Parsons would be appropriate. I imagine the front office is similarly conflicted this weekend.

How should Houston react to Chandler Parsons' 3-year, $46M offer sheet with Dallas?

Let him go to Dallas.

(45%, 129 Votes)

Match, but only if an impact player can be signed first.

(28%, 80 Votes)

Match, even if it means using our cap space on Parsons.

(27%, 77 Votes)

Total Voters: 286