Chris Bosh Explains Why He Turned Down Houston

By Christian Blanks

Before Chris Bosh re-signed with the Miami Heat it was widely expected that he would join the Houston Rockets if LeBron James left Miami. When Bosh decided to re-sign with the Heat it initially seemed financially driven as the Heat were offering more than the Rockets. After an exclusive interview ESPN, Bosh shared the reason behind his decision.

According to Tom Haberstroth’s ESPN article on the interview, Bosh believes the Heat have something the Rockets simply couldn’t offer, the option to be number one.

“I think sometimes you miss it,” Bosh said. “You wonder if you can still do it and step up to the challenge. I haven’t had to be that guy. I played with the best player in the world. I didn’t have to be the alpha. But now I get to see if I have it in me and not many people are going to believe I have what’s necessary. But that’s what makes it exciting.

– Chris Bosh

This was a great personal decision for Chris Bosh. As much as I would have liked to see him in a Rockets uniform I am glad to see there are still players in the NBA who want to win without making “super teams”. Early on in this free agency I was getting worried that all the top players would eventually take pay cuts to play with each other, as Bosh had hinted he was willing to do.