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What To Expect From Jeff Adrien, Joey Dorsey, & Ish Smith


The Houston Rockets made a few signings this past week in Jeff Adrien, Joey Dorsey, and Ishmael Smith. All of whom have previously played for the Rockets at some point in their career, and each one has had a difficult time finding minutes in the NBA. So what can Rockets fans expect to see from these three players?

If it were not for Jeff Adrien I might have left the rest of this page blank.

Joey Dorsey has only played in 61 NBA games since being drafted in 2008 and the last time he was even on an NBA roster was in 2010-2011 with the Toronto Raptors. Where he played in 43 games, averaged 12 minutes, 3 points, and 4 rebounds per game. Since then Dorsey has been playing overseas, most recent with FC Barcelona in Spain and quite frankly his stats over there just do not translate to NBA production. This past season Dorsey played in 76 games, averaged 15 minutes, 5 points, and 5 rebounds per game….in Spain. It seems that Dorsey is still living off his glory days of playing with Derek Rose at Memphis. I think there were hundreds of better and younger options than Dorsey. I do not see him having an impact on the Rockets this season.

Ish Smith is what you can consider an NBA journey man. In 4 years Smith has suited up for 7 teams and only once finished a season with the team he started with when the season began. Smith is definitely a NBA talent as he has always found a roster spot and has not only been sent to the d-league once, by the Rockets in 2010-2011. With the Rockets need for a point guard this move some what makes sense, but once you factor in the fact that Nick Johnson and Isaiah Canaan are filling it up in summer league, this has to make you think Ish Smith will be the 4th guard on the depth chart.

Jeff Adrien is the bright spot in this group on even some of his potential production is questionable. Adrien is coming off his best season which was in Milwaukee. He was picked up mid-season and played in 28 games, averaged 10 points and 7 rebounds. For a 6’7 forward 7 rebounds per game is almost amazing. Adrien can be a great role player off the bench and bring a ton of energy. His offense revolves around easy layups and offensive rebounds. Adrien has only attempted 2 three-pointers in his four year career. Hopefully Adrien can build off of last season.

All in all it is good the Rockets are getting depth but at some point there has to be an addition of someone who is guaranteed to make an impact.