Video: Prime DPOY Orlando Dwight Howard in 2011-12

By Brett David Roberts

Dwight Howard was at one point a dominant three-time DPOY player in Orlando. This video features Howard’s top-10 plays in Orlando, beginning with his swat of a guy many consider to now be the best center, Joakim Noah.

Howard excels blocking shots because he does it well with both hands and gets up so high he’s able to reach ones other big men miss. While Howard’s block numbers have fallen since his glory days with the Magic, this video is inspiring. It can only leave us to wonder what Howard will do as he reaches full health again.

It’s said that back problems decimate athleticism, and it’s possible Dwight never becomes the defensive beast he was when he was doing run-down blocks on John Wall. He slaps it off the glass so hard it can be heard in the upper bowl. This is the Dwight that fans loved.