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Josh Smith Comments on Joining Rockets

By Tamberlyn Richardson

Local Houston TV Station Fox 26 aired a Josh Smith Interview in which he touches on his excitement to join the Rockets:

Highlights from the interview include:

On joining Houston and teaming up with former high school Atlanta Celtics AAU teammate Dwight Howard:

“It’s an exciting time for me, Being able to be reunited with a good friend and one of the best teammates I ever played with, I think we can definitely do something special.”

On playing with James Harden:

“Playing beside the best two-guard in the game right now in James Harden what more can you ask for.”

On what he feels he brings to the table:

“I think I can add to their toughness, I think I can add to their versatility at the four position, being able to pass the basketball and score the ball down low.”

 Earlier this week Dwight Howard spoke to the Houston Chronicle and was asked if he’d been in touch with Smith to recruit him:

“Yeah I’ve been in his ear, the only thing I told him was if you want to win this would be a great place for you. We are headed in the right direction as a team. We have won together in AAU. Let’s get another one.”

When asked what it would mean to add Smith to the Rockets, Howard provided several enthusiastic responses:

“I would really love to see him here, I think he would bring some more defense to our team.” Howard further commented “We played together back in high school. We were very successful as a unit together.”

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And finally:

“I would be great to have him here,” Howard said. “He could do a lot of stuff for us on the defensive end. Blocking shots, rebounding, playing against some of those big two and three guards in the league. I think having him would take some of the pressure off of some of our other wing defenders.”

Ultimately, it appears Howard got his wish as Smith will join the team and the starting line-up. Now we just have to sit back and see if this calculation move by Houston General Manager coupled with last week’s trade to acquire Corey Brewer and Alexey Shved are the pieces required to push Houston even higher up the ladder.

Check back with us as we keep you posted on the newest addition to the Houston Rockets and what his acquisition will mean for the team.