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Lakers Enter the Josh Smith Discussion

By Tamberlyn Richardson

We knew it was only a matter of time before the Los Angeles Lakers entered the Josh Smith discussion.  With the money available from the Steve Nash disabled player exception they can offer the most money to Smith.

Report: Lakers interested in Josh Smith, can offer more money than other reported suitors (NBC Sports) |

— Basketball Nation (@bbnational) December 24, 2014

The question is does Smith care about money or is he looking to join a team who will contend and what will take precedent in his decision making.

If we believe the hype, his priority is joining a contender. Further the fact he’s still going to get the monies owed to him by Detroit regardless should play a part in his decision. However, this is Josh Smith and nothing is guaranteed. Look at Carmelo Anthony for example. He could’ve joined the Chicago Bulls and been the team considered by many to be the front runner in the East to win the Conference. Especially after they dispensed of the Toronto Raptors and Washington Wizards in back to back games.

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The difference may be that Smith already has close to $30 million reasons to not worry about money and anything else he makes will simply be gravy.  At the end of the day it will come down to:

  • What each team offers.
  • Where each team currently sits in the standings
  • The potential to make the playoffs and how deep they can go.
  • If Smith has a relationship with a current player or players on the team.
  • What role Smith will play on the team.
  • Whether Smith will be a starter and how much playing time he’ll receive.
  • What his relationship is like with the current team’s coach.
  • How much he likes the city (yes, players consider that).

Am I the only one who thinks it would be hilarious if Josh Smith joined the Lakers?  I mean imagine having Kobe Bryant, Josh Smith and Nick Young on the court at the same time! I should I say Black Mamba, J-Smooth and Swaggy P.

There’s a great marketing ad in there somewhere. Right?

Stay tuned as the Josh Smith sweepstakes continues to pick up momentum throughout the course of the day.