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Should Rockets Add Josh Smith: Join SCS For the Day and Have Your Say

By Tamberlyn Richardson

Today at 5:00 PM, Josh Smith will clear waivers and become eligible to join a new team. We’ve been covering the story and activity on social media and in the national media.

For a day usually spent shopping with nary an NBA story Smith is making things interesting on the Christmas Eve. We here at Space City Scoop are interested in your thoughts on the matter. Answer any of the following questions or just leave a comment.

From a Team Perspective:

Should the Rockets pursue Smith aggressively?

Does Smith immediately make Houston better or push the Rockets higher in the standings?

Does acquiring Smith make Houston the odds on favorite to win the Southwest Division?

If Smith becomes a Rocket does it make Houston the odds on favorite to win the Championship?

More from Space City Scoop

Pretend You Are Daryl Morey:

Who do you release if you sign Smith?

Do you offer just a one-year deal to make sure the experiment works?

Do you guarantee a starting position?

Pretend You Are  Kevin McHale:

What’s the first thing you tell Smith if the Rockets sign him?

What’s the second thing you tell him?

Do you give Smith specific limitations? (i.e. If you do this then you sit?)

Do you forbid Smith from taking threes?

From a Personal Perspective:

Do you think Dwight Howard‘s relationship with Josh Smith make him an ideal candidate to join the team?

Are you concerned Detroit released him and worry whether he could bring negativity to Houston?

Could this stunt the growth of Donatas Motiejunas?

Does the presence of Josh Smith hurt the current team chemistry?

How do you think this will affect James Harden if at all?

We’d love to get your feedback and input, so put on your blogger’s hat and send us your thoughts. We’ll compile a best of and post it later.

Thanks for your input.