Which Rockets Excelled In Final Week of 2014

By Tamberlyn Richardson

As we prepare for the countdown into the New Year lets take a look at which Rockets Excelled In Final Week of 2014

James Harden earned his second Western Conference Player of the Week: 

Following huge performances against three of the best Western Conference teams and two within their own division:

Portland Trailblazers: Harden scored 44 points, had 7 assists, 3 rebounds and 5 steals in the overtime 110-95 win. He hit 4 of 9 threes and went 10 or 11 from the free throw line.versus Portland

Memphis Grizzlies: The win over the Grizzlies was one of Houston’s best this season. Harden scored 32 points, grabbed 8 rebounds, dished 10 assists and had three blocks

San Antonio Spurs: Harden tried to take over the game late and was almost successful in pulling it out the win in the final seconds of the game but fell just short. His effort resulted in 28 points,  2 rebounds, 5 assists and 2 steals.  He hit 10-18 field goals and was 3 of 6 from three point range.

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Harden adds top-10 play to his achievements this week:

Western Conference Player of the week wasn’t the only highlight of Harden’s week as he also earned the 4th best play of the week. In the play the bearded one muscles past Wesley Matthews a capable defender who gets stuck in no mans land trying to do what everyone who guards the bearded one does which is a) try to stop him and b) not foul him when you can’t stop him.

Dwight Howard in Top-10 Dunks of the Week: 

Generally guards and small forwards take over the top-10 dunks generally because their height makes the dunks look more dramatic. Yet this week it was hard to deny the strength and power of Dwight Howard as Jason Terry fed him the alley oop which he absolutely smashes into the hoop. He ranks number 8
with the slam that had the fans jumping out of their seats and recalling that red cape he wore not too many seasons ago. Um, Lois Lane were you watching?

As we head into 2015 let’s enjoy the final game of this year and prepare for what surely will be an exciting finish to the season.

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Happy New Year from Space City Scoop.