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Rockets Sting Hornets

By Tamberlyn Richardson

102. 169. 83. 170.

The Houston Rockets ended 2014 with a much needed win following back to back losses.

They had lost 4 of 6 games and had begun to demonstrate some bad habits in those losses. Though it was fair to expect some growing pains given the Rockets had changed a big portion of their line-up.  Ultimately Charlotte served as the perfect antidote for the struggling Rockets. Let’s check how each individual fared:


<p><a href=. SG. Rockets. JAMES <STRONG>HARDEN</STRONG>. A+

B+.  <strong><br /></strong><p>It was great to see whatever had been ailing Beverley the past 2-games appeared to be corrected as he returned to being the PB we’ve become accustomed to; a gritty defender who hits the occasional 3-pointer and keeps the defensive energy high for the starters. While the first half still highlighted the team is still dealing with  growing pains it was Beverley’s 8-consecutive points to start the third quarter that put the Rockets well ahead and the game appeared decided at that point. </p>. PG. Rockets. PATRICK <STRONG>BEVERLEY</STRONG>

B.  <strong><br /></strong><p><a href=. SF. Rockets. TREVOR <STRONG>ARIZA</STRONG>

B+. <p>The practice held Tuesday showed immediate benefits as Smith looked to be more organically in the flow of the Rockets offense as well as defensively specifically in the second half.</p><p>When Houston picked him up they weren’t looking to add points, rather they wanted a power forward who could work the paint with Howard, defend and provide intangibles. In that regard we saw a closer example of what Smith can add to the team with 3 steals, 3 blocks, 3 assists and 4 rebounds. We also got treated to Josh hitting a 3-point shot and missing one. Given this team’s penchant for shooting the 3-ball (they had 43 attempts tonight) in the scheme of things Smith putting up 2 per game isn’t likely to bother anyone.</p><p>At one point in the game something occurred I’ve been waiting for since Smith and Brewer signed with the team which was a line-up on the floor featuring these two with Jason Terry: the headband brigade if you will.  </p>. PF. Rockets. JOSH <STRONG>SMITH</STRONG>

DWIGHT <STRONG>HOWARD</STRONG>. B. <p><a href=. C. Rockets


SG/SF. Rockets. COREY <STRONG>BREWER</STRONG>. B-. <p><a href=

JASON <STRONG>TERRY</STRONG>. B-. <p>Overall a decent output from <a href=. SG. Rockets

B-. <a href=. C. Rockets. JOEY <STRONG>DORSEY</STRONG>


ISAIAH <STRONG>CANAAN</STRONG>. INC.  <strong><br /></strong><p>I know many <a href=. PG. Rockets

NICK <STRONG>JOHNSON</STRONG>. INC.  <strong><br /></strong><p><a href=. SG. Rockets


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