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Houston Rockets Bounce Back to Annihilate Heat


Houston Rockets bounce back after they were embarrassed, no humiliated in their previous game against the Pelicans. The start of their match-up versus Miami could have gone in a similar direction, however the team’s focus was re-captured and the Rockets took off, literally.

169. 79. 110. . 115

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Perhaps it was the insertion of Demo into  the starting five or maybe it was coach Kevin McHale jolting his team with additional line-up fluctuations to offset a first quarter 27-23 lead. Regardless this game was all Houston after the slow start: they outscored Miami 38-22 in the second quarter, were up 61-47 at the break and were up by 33 after three quarters.

Player grades:


JAMES <STRONG>HARDEN</STRONG>. A. <p><a href=. SG. Rockets

B-.  <strong><br /></strong><p>Patrick Beverley forced the Heat guards a lot of trouble by keeping them contained, and not allowing much in the way of penetration. When he did however, he was leading the guards in wait of either a wrong path to the basket or to force dangerous passes, causing his team-mates to deflect or steal errant passes. </p>. PG. Rockets. PATRICK <STRONG>BEVERLEY</STRONG>

C+.  <strong><br /></strong><p>Despite a quiet night offensively Trevor <a href=. SF. Rockets. TREVOR <STRONG>ARIZA</STRONG>


A. <p><a href=. C. Rockets. DWIGHT <STRONG>HOWARD</STRONG>


Virtually the entire roster was able to get into the game tonight in quite the one-sided affair. There were a few highlights worth noting;

COREY <STRONG>BREWER</STRONG>. C+. <p>As expected when he was acquired, Corey <a href=. SG/SF. Rockets

<p>While still trying to get acquainted with his new teammates and system, Smith provided a lift off of the Rockets bench, scoring 12 points, grabbing 6 rebounds, and had one of his trademark one-handed dunks that had Dwight Howard howling upcourt after the dynamic play. He can take this game and build on it to speed up his learning curve. </p>. PF. Rockets. JOSH <STRONG>SMITH</STRONG>. C

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