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Dwight Howard Head Butted by Garnett Who Gets Ejected

By Tamberlyn Richardson

Dwight Howard Head Butted by Kevin Garnett:

Dwight Howard spoke glowingly to ESPN of Kevin Garnett prior to the game starting saying he chose his number 12 based on his hero worship of Garnett. He cited Garnett as being the besttrash talker he’s ever played against and said he used to watch The Big Ticket’s games in awe of how easily he would register double-doubles:

"I mean, part of the reason I have the number that I have  is because of him (Garnett used to wear No. 21),” Howard told “I wanted to be just like him coming out of high school. When I was in high school I think I went to see him play one time, and it’s just crazy because you watch the game, you don’t see nothing special sometimes, but he’ll end up with 25 (points) and 15 (rebounds)."

Then Howard described how Garnett can get under your skin during the game better than anyone, though I doubt he had in mind what occurred in the first quarter tonight

What  started out innocently enough with rather feeble pushes at each other escalated when Garnett head butted Howard who then slapped Garnett back.

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What ensued was Garnett losing it for a minute as he had to be restrained twice, once by his team and once by security who had come onto the floor.

Both players received technical fouls, but only Garnett was ejected from the game, likely because he instigated the entire incident.

I’m not quite sure this was what Howard had in mind when he entered the evening, but the Rockets will take the loss of Garnett as it limits Brooklyn’s front court defenders with him out. At the half Rockets lead 60-52.