Houston Rockets: Terrence Jones Set To Return

By Tamberlyn Richardson

Houston Rockets: Terrence Jones Set To Return

When will Terrence Jones return? We’ve asked the question so many times we actually just stopped making the inquiry. Nerve damage can be like that, it can inexplicably just get better or linger without any clear delineation of  how long before improvements can be recognized.

So, when Jones laced up his sneakers and competed in a full practice Tuesday without any restrictions there were hordes of Rockets’ fans smiling. Jones is an affable kid who came to Houston following two years at Kentucky and proved himself to be one of those players with multiple intangibles.

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He possessed a strong basketball I.Q, was a diligent worker and a player who committed himself to constant improvement.

Perhaps the best quality he possessed was the well developed muscle in his chest: a heart that refused to lose.

In fact, last season when the Rockets were shell shocked by the last second Damian Lillard game winning 3-point shot that ended their playoffs it was the anguished face of Jones that stayed with me as the lasting memory.

Look who @RocketsManJoel is interviewing. It’s @TerrenceJones1. Listed questionable for tonight. #Rockets vs #Mavs http://t.co/Iytd54fcIv

— Adam Wexler (@awexler) January 28, 2015

Watching his interviews over the course of the injury it was obvious Jones was disheartened. The longer the condition showed no signs of improvement the more despondent he got. At one point he thought his basketball career may be over. Then suddenly small improvements started to happen and slowly but surely the feeling returned and he was able to be more aggressive in his physical therapy.

Now he’s all the way back and could lace them up tonight to face inter-division rival Dallas. We won’t know for sure until game time whether he’ll play or not. His team mates for their part are equally happy to welcome him back to the court as he brings depth to the team up front.

.@JHarden13 discusses @TerrenceJones1 nearing return & the versatility he brings to the team. http://t.co/x815J1yx51 pic.twitter.com/H3c4WJfRu7

— Houston Rockets (@HoustonRockets) January 27, 2015

On Tuesday after months of seeing “OUT” written beside his name the word “QUESTIONABLE” replaced it. For Terrence Jones, I’ll bet he’s never been happier to keep us guessing whether he’ll play tonight or the next game.

Welcome back Terrence.