Houston Rockets Power Rank: Week 14 – Breaking Away

By Tamberlyn Richardson
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4. Houston: Talk about a topsy-turvy week, the Rockets went on a 4-game win streak and then found out their big man Dwight Howard would be out for over a month and finished the week losing in Detroit.

There was a scary moment when James Harden looked to have been injured badly which had the Red Nation collectively holding their breaths, but just like he’s done all season he rose up and continued on.  Now with Howard out he’ll once again need to steal Dwight’s superman cape to lead the team forward. If Harden manages to keep the team in the top 4 until Dwight returns can anyone else really even take the MVP away from him?

Despite the tough night in Detroit when he returned to the Palace for the first time since being waived Josh Smith has begun to look like a player who’ll make a difference for the Rockets. Since he was ejected in Phoenix he has strung together a series of good games and seems to be taking on more of a leadership role.

Could it be he’s comfortable especially playing in his natural power forward position? Trevor Ariza has also shown signs of finding the offense that evaded him once Howard returned. Other than Harden this impending break is overdue for Ariza.  (last week 5th)

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