Houston Rockets Trade Rumors: Which Point Guard Should Rockets Pursue?

By Tamberlyn Richardson
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Feb 14, 2015; New York, NY, USA; Houston Rockets guard Patrick Beverley (2) celebrates during the 2015 NBA All Star Skills Challenge competition at Barclays Center. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Houston Rockets Trade Rumors: Which Point Guard Should Rockets Pursue?

Rocket fans are nervously watching the trade wires given surfacing reports Houston GM Daryl Morey is unabated by not being short listed by disenchanted Sun: Goran Dragic. Adding to this turmoil is the fact Dragic has basically tied the Suns hands via his last minute reversal of intent.

Adrian Wojnarowski reports the Suns felt they were doing everything possible to ensure the Slovenian point guards return and in good faith were shopping Isaiah Thomas. Up until Tuesday night it appeared Dragic and Phoenix management were on the same page.

But, then Dragic’s agent Bill Duffy lowered the boom stating Dragic would not return to Phoenix and further would only re-sign with a short list of 7 teams. This move feels like a power play by Dragic meant to render the Suns helpless, especially given the late hour of the decision.

Meanwhile the Suns may actually have the last laugh if as reported, they decide to play ball (no pun intended) with teams not on Dragic’s short list like Houston, Sacramento or Boston. Obviously the short list was meant to elicit trade action with his chosen teams, but could the Suns work to make a trade with anyone except the 7 teams listed?

This would force the Slovenian to miss out on an extra year in the contract should he not re-sign with whoever the Suns trade him to and up to $20 million dollars left on the table.

Yahoo Sources: Suns much more focused on discussing Dragic deals w/ Celtics, Rockets, Kings, among others, than any teams on guard’s list.

— Adrian Wojnarowski (@WojYahooNBA) February 18, 2015

Many thought Morey would be looking to shore up the front court given Dwight Howard’s injury absence. Howard is recovering from a bone marrow aspiration injection to resolve the edema issues in his swollen knee and is expected to remain out until mid to late March.

However the reality is if the Rockets wish to fully pursue a championship the one position they are in desperate need of upgrading is the starting point guard. Patrick Beverley is known as a defensive specialist (despite his lucky All-Star skills challenge win) but even this area of his game has been slipping in recent weeks and his inability to hit wide open shots is only making the situation more pressing.

Moreover, the sweep by Golden State highlighted a good defensive team only need contain Harden by collapsing on him to shut off his drives and passing lanes to get the upper hand against the Rockets. While Morey is oft cited for his willingness to take risks by moving players or signing unrestricted players his continued pursuit of Dragic is somewhat baffling. Surely a player who is willing to publicly denounce his current team and force their hand has cajones big enough to walk away from an extra year to prove his point.

“I don’t trust them anymore,” — Goran Dragic on the Suns. @paulcoro on his comments and future http://t.co/ozxz1bK7Ul pic.twitter.com/JhFy9wlB9m

— USA TODAY Sports NBA (@usatodaynba) February 18, 2015

Knowing Morey is apt to trade him or change his role as occurred in his first foray with the Rockets is it any wonder Dragic likely doesn’t trust Houston either. Even though Houston represents his best chance (of the teams he short listed or mentioned as potential trade destinations) at a championship the fact he still isn’t keen to return for me speaks volumes.

To that end, I took the opportunity to look at other point guard options Mr. Morey might be better served by in terms of fulfilling their starting point guard needs.

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