Steve Nash Retires – Leaving His Fingerprints All Over Today’s NBA Game

By Tamberlyn Richardson
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Oct 18, 2013; Shanghai, China; Los Angeles Lakers guard Steve Nash (10) dribbles the ball as Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry (30) defends during the first quarter at Mercedes-Benz Arena. Mandatory Credit: Danny La-USA TODAY Sports

The Nash Influence of the Current Point Guard Stars:

Witnessing the success of current teams like Golden State and Atlanta it’s hard not to imagine Steve Nash was a harbinger for things to come. Certainly San Antonio have proven themselves to be masters of the team pass demonstrated by the most elegant basketball I’ve ever seen in a finals.

And, although the entire Spurs team are experts at ball movement it is the gifted point guard Tony Parker and creative shooting guard Manu Ginobili that are the head of the snake. When I see Parker drive the paint and maintain his dribble I think of Nash, when I see Manu make a cross court pass from one side to the other for an open three point shot I think of Steve Nash.

It’s interesting when reading Steve Nash’s touching and poignant essay he says the point guard he looked up to was Isaiah Thomas (The retired Thomas who played with Detroit). I recall on a Open Court show when Thomas and Kenny Smith were discussing how back in the day, at least in New York those assembled at Rutger’s Park would cheer louder and longer for a well executed pass or cross over than they would a dunk or perimeter shot.

Seeing the hordes of tweets that deluged social media following the announcement you can see the profound effect Nash had on so many players either via playing beside them or against them. Even franchises jumped on Twitter to pay their respects including arguably his greatest rival, the Spurs.

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