Steve Nash Retires – Leaving His Fingerprints All Over Today’s NBA Game

By Tamberlyn Richardson
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Why Players and Fans are reacting with sadness:

There will always be players you wish could have won a championship for what they did or brought to the game: Charles Barkley and Allen Iverson would be two of my picks. However there seems to be some extra melancholy associated with Nash retiring based on the outpouring of well wishes. I think there are a couple of reasons beyond him not winning the championship.

There are common threads in the sentiments such as the players respect for him, how he was the best team mate ever or how Nash was a pivotal inspiration in their development. The later specifically cited by many of the players currently playing the point guard position.

The other factor is for years he’s suffered from back issues (the juxtaposition to Larry Bird in this regard is eerie except Bird won his rings) so the fact he kept doing everything he could to be at his best just for a shot at that ring was admirable. This included leaving the team (Phoenix) he fought so hard to bring the Larry O’Brien trophy only to suffer a freak injury breaking his leg early in his inaugural season as a Laker. True to form he fought back to get in condition for another run only to find out he was suffering from nerve damage so bad he couldn’t even bend over to pick up a suitcase.

For everything he did for the sport and with the effects of his efforts on full display in today’s game it just feels like not only did he get gypped out of a championship, but so did his many fans who wish he’d been afforded the opportunity to hoist that trophy over his head.

As he prepares for his press conference today I’m sure he’ll find a way to tie in Green Week to make the event about something other than him.  In true point guard fashion and from one of the best leaders ever, we wouldn’t expect anything less.

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