What Playoff Seed Will Houston Rockets Get?

By Tamberlyn Richardson
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Apr 2, 2015; Dallas, TX, USA; Houston Rockets guard James Harden (13) defends against the Dallas Mavericks during the second quarter at the American Airlines Center. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

#6: Houston Rockets:

Record: 53-26 / Last ten: 7-3/Conference Record: 31-19

Southwest Division:  3rd  Western Conference: 6th

Games Remaining:

Houston will finish their schedule with games versus New Orleans, Charlotte and their final game at home versus Utah. The significance of these games is only one has post season visions: New Orleans. The Pelicans are getting many of their core members back at just the right time, but Houston will be inspired to beat them to end their 2-game losing streak. Charlotte has been eliminated from the playoffs, have no offense to speak of and no reason to return injured Al Jefferson or Michael Kidd Gilchrist to the line-up now. Finally, the Jazz game features a young talented tall front court, however the Rockets will have the March 12th 109-91 loss fresh in their minds, and with so much on the line I expect the Rockets will be inspired to close out on a winning note.

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Examining the 4 teams in the mix here’s what this could mean:

In a best case scenario and using logic it’s safe to assume both San Antonio and the Clippers are likely to win out. Memphis it the x-factor because 2 losses in any of their 3 remaining games would give them a 55-27 record.

This would present an opportunity for Houston if they win all 3 games and finish with a 56-26 record as it would propel them ahead of Memphis, but more importantly would put them 5th since the Clippers as mentioned would hold the tie-break. This would also mean the Rockets would once again face Portland in the first round, however based on a better record they would start the post season at home.

This pairing would be ideal given the recent health issues of the Blazers and you can bet the fan base would be dialed in to get revenge for last season. More importantly finishing 5th (but with home court) would mean the Rockets avoid San Antonio until the Conference Finals. There is however a huge road block en route to that event which is the Golden State Warriors who owned Houston this year. Still, the hottest team in the Association is the Spurs, so facing them after the Grizzlies or Clippers dealt with them might bode well for the Rockets.

My guess is the Rockets will dust themselves off from the tough loss last night, win their final 3 games and prepare to play Portland. The true test for Houston is how they recover from the back to back losses to San Antonio. The one thing they should remember is over the past 10 games the Spurs have averaged a point differential of +20 and last night the Rockets lost by one point with the ball in their hands. That’s something to build on as they prepare for their final 3 games. Well, that and the need for Kevin McHale to run repeated free throw shooting drills.

Best Position Spurs can finish: 56-26: Southwest Division Winner, second seed

Worst Position Spurs can finish: 54-28: Sixth

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