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NBA Awards 2015 Most Valuable Player- James Harden: Dissecting the Dichotomy Of The MVP Award

By Tamberlyn Richardson
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Mar 8, 2015; Oakland, CA, USA; Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry (30) meets with former Warriors coach and current TV commentator Mark Jackson before the start of the game against the Los Angeles Clippers at Oracle Arena. Mandatory Credit: Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Towards the end of the regular season ex Golden State Warriors’ coach (returned to announcer) Mark Jackson stated he felt James Harden was this seasons’ MVP. Was this sour apples for getting fired by the Warriors or was this his honest opinion? Given how close Jackson was to Curry and how highly he continues to extol on Curry’s abilities one would tend to believe he was being honest.

This got some people up in arms claiming he was simply looking for air time. Others felt it was more a matter of crying over spilled milk in that Jackson was fired and Steve Kerr has come along to lead the Warriors to their best record in franchise history. Further Kerr improved the team defensively, offensively and made tweaks to the line-up like having  starters Andre Iguodala and David Lee come off the bench.

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  • All the success in Golden State has resulted in the team losing just twice at home; once to the Spurs and once in overtime to Chicago. Most nights Curry doesn’t even have to come on the court for fourth quarters because the Warriors have built a wide margin of point differential.

    The Starters of NBA TV had a full discussion regarding Jackson’s comments with some of the panel voicing the above comments while one of the hosts stated quite concisely “Maybe he just feels Harden deserves it!”

    During the season Lee Golden of Space City Scoop covered the stance Magic Johnson took on the subject when he claimed Curry deserved to win over Harden in his article: Lakers’ Icon Sidesteps Harden For MVP Vote.

    Now Fran Blinebury of has covered the subject with Harden’s own words that he respectfully feels he’s earned the MVP given the adversity the team has faced this season and their winning record in spite of it.

    For many pundits the timing of the ballots being sent in works against James Harden since the week ballots were due coincided with the two losses to San Antonio.  With the wins and the Spurs rising up while the Rockets dropped it gave credence to some pundits to award Curry their vote. Personally, I feel the awards shouldn’t be voted on until the final game of the season transpires simply for this fact.

    Even Charles Barkley stated if the Rockets had finished second than he would give Harden the award. Unfortunately for Harden the ballots were due a week prior to the end of the season which may have affected several of the ballots cast.

    Bottom line, for as many writers, analysts and media personalities that picked Steph Curry there were equal numbers who picked James Harden at least openly. We’ll find out soon enough if the award does go the route expected, just remember not to buy into the media hype that the best player on the best team always wins it.

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