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Should the Houston Rockets Acquire Point Guard Jarrett Jack?


The most glaring need for the Houston Rockets going into the 2016 NBA season is the position of starting point guard. This vital need should be addressed via a trade or free agency. It’s important to bring in an established veteran to guide this championship caliber team.

The Rockets seemed fixed on bringing restricted free agent, Patrick Beverley back into the fold, and I would like to see Beverley back with the Rockets, but not as a starter. Beverley is an elite defender, but he’s not an offensive threat or floor leader.

I don’t know if Beverley would accept a diminished role if a starting guard is brought in, especially after being promoted to a starter just one year after Houston traded away Jeremy Lin, who was more of a more natural point guard on the offensive end, but a defensive liability.

I would love for Houston to acquire Jarrett Jack in a trade. Remember, it was Jack who received praise from Golden State Warriors All-Star Point Guard and 2015 NBA MVP Stephen Curry who said, “The leader I learned from the most? Probably Jarrett Jack had a big influence when he was here.”

The leader I learned from the most? Probably Jarrett Jack had a big influence when he was here. – Curry”

Jack’s toughness would solve the other glaring flaw of the Rockets –mental toughness.

First, he is a leader of men. He’s not afraid to challenge any of his teammates verbally to play harder. Jack is the true definition of a point guard being an extension of the coach.

I felt Head Coach Kevin McHale was out-coached in the playoffs, despite making it all the way to the Western Conference Finals. He didn’t have a conductor (point guard) he could lean on to orchestrate his hardwood concerto.

In those moments of game adversity, when McHale is uncertain about what to say to his team, Jack is ready, willing and able to assume that role.

Jarrett Jack averaged 12 points and 4.7 assists per game in 2015, but his true effectiveness is his ability to maintain a consistent offensive rhythm for his teammates; that attribute often escaped the Rockets at the most inopportune times during the 2015 Western Conference Finals.

Jack is not hesitant to take the big shot, either by driving to the basket, or pulling the trigger on a pivotal shot. Acquiring Jarrett Jack would be a upgrade for a team on the verge of returning a title to “Clutch City”.

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