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Did Clutch City Championship Players Have Best Nicknames Ever?

By Tamberlyn Richardson
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The Top Ten:

10. Pete Chilcutt: “Chili Pete”

9. Charles Jones: “Old Man River”, “C.J.” and “Gadget”


  • Gotta admit I kind of love both Old Man River and Gadget nicknames
  • A couple of the players had duo or triple nicknames, however I wondered how someone could get such vastly different nicknames ranging from implying an old man to someone very flexible. Maybe someone knows the background and could share some insight with myself and the readers.

8.  Mario Elie: “Super Mario” and “Junk Yard Dog”


  • Elis is one of a few players who had more than one nickname.
  • Also of note his nicknames are either typical or they carried over to later years as several players have since had those same names:
  • Notably Elie is widely associated with “The Kiss Of Death” however that term refers to the shot he made against Phoenix during the run to defend their title and it was the shot that clinched the series Phoenix had led 3-1.
  • Elie’s names aren’t necessarily the best, but the fact so many others copied them merits a higher rank.

7.   Kenny Smith: “Kenny The Jet Smith” or just “The Jet”

Note: Smith also gets high points for incorporation of his full name into the nickname and for it using a skill of his within the name. Like Mario Elie, his moniker has been copied by another player who coincidentally also plays for Houston (Jason Terry). The big difference is you never hear people say Jason “The Jet” Terry, but you always hear people say Kenny “The Jet” Smith.

6. Sam Cassell: “Sam I Am”

Note:  Cassell’s nickname registers higher based on the Dr. Zeuss reference and let’s face it, Sam has a rather unique look, one that could possibly have him playing a supporting role in a movie like Steve Buscemi does.

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