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Did Clutch City Championship Players Have Best Nicknames Ever?

By Tamberlyn Richardson
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The Top Five:

5. Scott Brooks: “The Energizer Bunny”

Note: I’d love to get some background on how he got this name. Obviously it refers to him bringing energy to the court, but it is a rather funny name, so it makes me wonder if there was more to it. Perhaps his teammates felt he looked like a little bunny.

4. Clyde Drexler: “Clyde The Glide” or “The Glide”

Note: Drexler’s nickname incorporates many facets: it rhymes, it is indicative of his flight time and it suits his smooth personality

3. Robert Horry: “Big Shot Rob” (I always said “Big Shot Bob” but Rob seems to be the more widely used moniker).


  • While some may feel I’ve ranked Horry too high on the list, the fact he has taken so many big shots to win games and won so many rings has to factor into the scoring.
  • I’ll back up my choice to put him third with two video’s the first is worth watching simply to catch Tim Duncan’s humor in the post game interview and the second showcases exactly why he got the nickname x ten.

2. Vernon Maxwell: “Mad Max” and “Hawk”


  • Though he has 2 nicknames “Mad Max” is the much more popular and known name
  • The obvious tie to Maxwell’s personality and his energy on the court make his nickname almost good enough to over take “The Dream”… just ask Michael Jordan how he felt about Maxwell on the court if you’re wondering why the moniker “Mad Max” is so appropriate.

1. Hakeem Olajuwon: “The Dream”

Note: Olajuwon easily takes the top spot as his name is indicative of his super star status, the rhyme factor and his ability to do things on a basketball court you would think you could only dream of. In fact, I’d rank his nickname in the top 5 all time. For the record my favorite nickname is “The Truth” (even though I’m a long suffering Raptors fan who isn’t fond of Pierce, due to his ability to mock the Raptors and then back it up. Hey “the truth” hurts.

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