Houston Rockets James Harden: A Year In Review

By Lee Golden
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Mar 1, 2015; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Rockets guard James Harden (13) and Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James (23) during the game at Toyota Center. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

James Harden v. LeBron James

March 1st, 2015. An afternoon showdown on ABC that no one would miss. The MVP race was as tight knit as could be. Two of the top four candidates squared off in what would be a nail biting, whatever-it-takes duel. Things got chippy and Harden had enough of how stingy the refs were with the whistle. Long story short, LeBron’s family jewels received a special “hello” from Harden’s size 15. The couple would combine for 70 points but Harden and the Rockets walked away with the two-point overtime win.

James Harden’s Epic Performance On Anniversary Night

March 19th, 2015. The Houston Rockets honored the 20th anniversary of the 1993-94 and 1994-95 NBA Champion Houston Rockets teams. Legends such as Clyde Drexler, Robert Horry and Hakeem Olajuwon were in attendance to watch the Rockets take on the Denver Nuggets.  In translation for Harden, “legends’ night” meant “become a legend” night. He put on a show for the former champs and squeezed a career-high 50 points. That career high would be a thing of the past in a few weeks though.

James Harden Dunks on Twin Towers

March 25th, 2015. Harden is a stocky player but chooses to finesse his finishes with finger rolls or eurosteps most of the time. However,  he made an exception against a pair of the league’s most premier shot blockers. Enjoy…again.

James Harden v. DeMar DeRozan 

March 30th, 2015. A pair of childhood friends went BERZERK. The entire game was back and forth. The winner was decided in the final moments. Derozan scored a new career-high with Harden playing as good of defense you can imagine and gave Toronto a three point lead with less than 20 seconds remaining. Everyone expected the decision of the game to be powered by Harden. Instead, it was decided by Trevor Ariza. Harden surprisingly deferred to Ariza for the last shot(s). For Harden to be having the best season of his career and not take the last shot was appalling to say the least. It left everyone scratching their head and questioning whether or not he had that killer mentality. The very next game we got our answer.

Harden’s Career High

April 1st, 2015. On only 25 shots, Harden produced his best scoring performance in his career. He scored an impressive 51 points against the Sacramento Kings and silenced any critics in the process. He was the first player in the history of a franchise with Hall of Famers Hakeem Olajuwon and Moses Malone to have two 50-point games in a season.

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