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Houston Rockets Year End Review:Clint Capela and K.J McDaniels

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Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey sitting courtside at Madison Square Garden.

To Be A Rocket

Every successful entrepreneur who has walked the face of the earth all shared one common step up the ladder that was more than vital to their leap into fame; The process of planning. Having a vision, analyzing every situation and hours of research while compiling every bit of data to make decisions based off facts concluded by evidence.

Known league wide as “Dork Elvis”, GM Daryl Morey has implemented his love for advanced statistics into a formula that fueled the Rockets to a Southwest Division Title and a Western Conference Finals appearance. At first glance the Morey Ball formula illustrates that 3 pointers and drives to the basket are the most efficient way of scoring while limiting mid range shot selections due to it’s low success rate. Houston finished the season with a record breaking 867 3 pointers made while attempting 31.8 per game (per

Looking deeper into Morey’s plan for success you’ll notice that there’s more to it than a gung ho approach from deep.

To be a Rocket you must qualify as at least 1 of the 3;

– Be a disruption to opposing offenses.
– Be long and athletic
– Cause havoc on the boards.

Morey has compiled a roster comprised of guards that’ll willingly get in your grill for 84 feet and a plethora of athletic bigs and wings who have some bounce.

Of the Morey army are two players that fit the mold and with little sample size; have shown great promise for the future.

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