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Houston Rockets: Nick Johnson Year End Review

By Tamberlyn Richardson
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Given the few minutes Nick Johnson spent on the court this season one might imagine he isn’t a valuable asset of the Rockets. In fairness, he needs the playing time to gain experience and his time with the D-League Vipers showcased a much more productive result.

However, his most valuable trait may be the fact his salary of under a million dollars ($845,059.00) is the lowest on the team. This allows General Manager Daryl Morey some leeway in terms of his cap space.

Johnson appeared in 28 games with the Rockets this season and 20 with the D-League. While with the main club he played primarily during the early season when the team was devastated with injury of in games the Rockets had blown out their competition/or were being blown out.

As we prepare for free agency and NBA Summer League we look back at Johnson’s year specifically focusing on his stats and try to determine what his future with the Rockets is.

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