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HardwoodAce Highlights: The Sam Dekker Sponge


I came across a video on YouTube of Houston Rockets rookie Sam Dekker doing an interview with during a practice during the 2015 Summer League.

It took me a while to find out about the whole mowing the lawn incident because I happen to live under a rock, but then the first thing that came to my mind was how there was a stir in the media when people found out that Celtics legend Larry Bird mowed his own lawn, and how if he hadn’t, he might’ve been able to play longer in the NBA.

I’m not about to question the decisions of Larry Legend, but I might suggest that Dekker only emulates Larry’s attitude and determination to go after every lose ball with a reckless abandon.

Take care of your body Sam, but don’t be afraid to get messy and be a scrappy defender.

I’d say he’s pretty close if not already NBA ready in terms of his offense being a solid shooter with high basketball-IQ, but guys who come into the NBA usually need to hit the weight room and get plenty of reps up.

He should get those reps as long as he can stay healthy now that he’s signed his rookie deal with the Rockets.’s Trey Oursler has more on the details of Dekker’s contract and he too took time to shed some light on the lawn mowing incident.

From NBA To Lawn Boy! Thanks @dekker!

— Carol Dekker (@CarolDekker) June 28, 2015

Now, I’m not going to make as bold a prediction and call Dekker the next great white hope the way they did with Bird when he entered the NBA as a rookie, but we all love player comparisons.

When Dekker was playing with the Wisconsin Badgers, I saw flashes of a more athletic Keith Van Horn.

If you read Oursler’s piece on Dekker linked above, he mentions a comparison to former Rockets player, Chandler Parsons.

You could say there’s your more athletic KVH.

While Dekker still has much to prove as the young one, if he keeps at it, I’m confident he’ll be able to find a niche in the NBA.

He’s been dealing with injuries recently, but hopefully he’ll be ready to go once pre-season rolls around.

And if he impresses the coaching staff, he could carve out some decent minutes as a rookie.

So far, he’s got the right attitude.

His goal right now: Get acclimated with everyone on the team. Be a sponge.