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Houston Rockets KJ McDaniels Has Springs For Legs


The Rockets have re-signed KJ McDaniels.

You never know what else Daryl Morey has left in his bag of tricks, but it’s very likely the Rockets don’t bring back Jason Terry, and invest more time developing McDaniels.

While McDaniels lacks in veteran experience of being a clutch player the way Terry has done his whole career, he brings youth (he’s only 22-years-old) and enough upside in his game that if you give a little time, he could turn out to be a promising addition for the Rockets.

It’s no secret he has talent, the only thing is there was a small sample size of games played last season for KJ McDaniels, so as long as he stays healthy, the sky is the limit.

Literally, the sky is about the only limit in terms of his vertical leap.

His athleticism reminds me a lot of another NBA player in Gerald Green.

It’s funny because McDaniels even compares himself to Green.

The way I see it, there are so many upsides to his game on both ends of the floor because he brings what you would call the prototypical player the Rockets enjoy plugging into games at the guard-forward position (a player versatile enough to play both the guard and forward positions).

You look at guys like Trevor Ariza and Corey Brewer, and these guys can go to work on both ends.

McDaniels not only explodes to the basket, but he also isn’t afraid of getting in the mix to reject shot opportunities with emphatic “get that garbage out of here” blocks.

Now with the Rockets having solidified their situation at the point guard position, their depth only looks that much more potent.

Stay healthy K.J.

We want to see this version of you all season and in the playoffs next year.

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