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HardwoodAce Highlights: Houston Rockets One-On-One Alumni Edition PART THREE

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It’s Me Against The World

What can I say?

This guy had it all.

Tracy McGrady, also known as T-Mac, was the total package.

He could score the ball at will, he could put the ball on the floor and create for both himself and for his teammates, and he was arguably one of the best in the world at a time where the NBA was jam-packed with stars amongst stars.

We’re not talking average stars who got paid the big bucks.

We’re talking superstars who carried their franchises, and they were certainly worth the price of admission to witness when two superstars faced off.

Rockets fans, you saw some historical stuff on the hardwood thanks to this guy.

While the 22-game win streak in 2008 was in large part a team accomplishment, it was the play of then MVP candidate T-Mac that kept the Rockets rallying through the season after news broke out during the streak that the Rockets would go the remainder of the season without their center Yao Ming due to injury.

The Black Mamba ended up taking home the MVP honors that year, but if you ask me, T-Mac might’ve gotten snubbed by never winning an MVP award in his 16-year NBA career, where he led the league in scoring for two straight seasons, and he was a force to reckon with whenever his team faced other players who were in the discussion of the greatest in the game.

For T-Mac, there wasn’t just one marquee player who matched up against him the best.

For T-Mac, I think it’s only fair to mention that he went toe-to-toe with the best of the best, and he put his team on his back.

In no particular order, here are some of the marquee players that he was in the mix with and these match-ups should speak volumes to what kind of special talent T-Mac was.

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