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Dwight Howard Off Season Diet Makes News

By Tamberlyn Richardson

You know it’s fully the NBA off season when the diet of  Dwight Howard is a major storyline on and you turn to the article and it’s about how much more he eats when not playing and the types of food he allows himself. No seriously.

The funny thing is I remember a time with Howard had yet to leave the Los Angeles Lakers to come join James Harden in Houston as a Rocket. Obviously this was also in the time frame before Kobe Bryant and Howard had their falling out.

Anyway, there was a feature on NBA TV that night discussing Howard’s favorite restaurant “The Waffle House”. Apparently while he was living in Orlando and ruling the Magic’s kingdom he had developed a major love for the establishment. Flash forward several years and the restaurant is still one of his favorites.

.@DwightHoward hit @WaffleHouse recently, and his feast reminded us that the House is life –

— First We Feast (@firstwefeast) August 4, 2015

Steph Case of All Ball covered his recent visit and posting on his Instagram showing pictures of his breakfast foods. Typical of Howard’s humor he commented on his off season diet versus his “in season” diet when he eats primarily fish and chicken. Here’s the article including pictures of his sumptuous breakfast (well make that 2 breakfasts).

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