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Can Dwight Howard and James Harden Both Make U.S. Olympic Team?

By Tamberlyn Richardson
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Next Steps For U.S. National Team –

Following the mini-camp held by the U.S. Men’s National Basketball Team there are absolutes in place and very few unknowns.

  • The United States has already qualified for the Olympics to be held in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil next summer by virtue of their gold medal performance at the FIBA Tournament last summer in Spain.
  • There are only 12 positions available on the squad and arguably no more than 2 or 3 openings, although some would argue 11 positions are cemented with a wealth of previous Olympic and World Championship Gold Medalists who are just entering their primes.
  • Colangelo and Coach K know who their main competition is and barring injuries it’s likely that competition will determine how those 2 or 3 openings will be determined.

As per above several pundits believe there is only one position open on the 12 man roster, however I’m not sold that is the case. I’ve broken down the 34 attendees by position into three categories:

A) cemented on team

B) potential to make team and

C) their role is in the future

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