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Houston Rockets Working on Chemistry


Around this time last year Dallas Mavericks general manager Mark Cuban accused the Houston Rockets organization of under appreciating team chemistry. After stealing Chandler Parsons away from the Rockets in free agency, Cuban told a Dallas sports radio station that the “[Rockets] just have a different understanding and approach to chemistry than we do. We think chemistry matters.”

Responding to Cuban’s criticism, Rockets general manager Daryl Morey told Yahoo Sports, “Our teams have had great chemistry, and it’s something we believe in.”

Our teams have had great chemistry, and it’s something we believe in.” -Morey

While Cuban is not alone in his criticism of the Rockets as an organization that does not properly value it’s players, Morey understands that chemistry must go hand in hand with talent. A team with great chemistry and poor talent are as incapable of winning a title as a team with great talent and poor chemistry.

Since being hired on as general manager, Daryl Morey has moved countless pieces around in an effort to build an elite team. After landing superstar James Harden a few seasons ago, Morey has worked tirelessly to assemble pieces around his franchise guard. Since Harden has joined the team, the Rockets roster has undergone multiple makeovers, from a team that featured Omer Asik and Jeremy Lin in the starting lineup, to a more developed squad that boasts Ty Lawson and Dwight Howard as two players of the Rockets new big three.

After making it to last season’s Western Conference finals, the Rockets decided to bring back most of their roster. With last season’s squad proving that it is more than capable of competing at a high level, Morey has decided it is time to let his team start developing greater chemistry.

With only a couple months until the start of the NBA season, the Rockets players have been spending more time with one another. Recently, a portion of the roster has been working out together in L.A.

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Having more than enough talent to compete for an NBA championship, it’s time that the Rockets start making sure that the machine is oiled up and ready to go. Daryl Morey has assembled an elite squad. Now it’s up to the players and coaches to figure out how it’s all going to work together.

If the Rockets can develop the chemistry that they have been said to lack, they have as good a shot as anybody in their pursuit of an NBA title.

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