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Houston Rockets: NBA Stunned By Sudden Passing of Moses Malone

By Tamberlyn Richardson
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It was a busy weekend in the world of sports with the opening games of the NFL season, the US OPEN wrapping up, FIBA qualifying tournaments finishing and NBA Hall of Fame induction of it’s newest additions. Yet the biggest and most shocking news was the sudden passing of NBA great Moses Malone.

Moses Malone #RIP

— Hall of Fame (@BeatsbyHOF) September 14, 2015

After attending the Hall of Fame ceremonies Malone had travelled to Norfolk where he was scheduled to participate in a celebrity charity golf tournament. After he was a no show concerned parties investigated and discovered him dead in his hotel room. To say this was a shock would be an understatement as Malone had not been ill. As news spread of the former NBA great the outpouring of love and remembrances from teammates, coaches, franchises and fans was overwhelming.

Here’s a sampling of some of those comments:

Charles Barkley often credited Malone as the man who taught him the intricacies of the game off the court.

“The man I called ‘Dad’ passed today. Words can’t explain my sadness. I will never know why a Hall of Famer took a fat, lazy kid from Auburn and treated him like a son and got him in shape and made him a player.

Every time I saw him I called him ‘Dad.’ I hope he knew how much I appreciated and loved him.” – Barkley

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