Space City Scoop Round Table – Houston Rockets 2015-16 Season: Part 1

By Tamberlyn Richardson
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The Rockets did well to keep their core in tact this offseason while also adding several key contributors. Mandatory Credit: Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Q2: What changes will the Rockets make on offense this season?

Andre: Here’s the thing: when you add a top shelf point-guard to your team, this is certain to affect almost every aspect of your game. Since I believe that is the case with the Rockets and Ty Lawson I am obliged to talk about him again. In this case his addition will solve a couple of problems as opposed to making things trickier. Whether he lightens Harden’s load offensively or sets up his teammates with assists and lobs, one thing is certain: Lawson will be a decisive factor this year for the Rockets on that side of the court.

Anthony: Tons of Harden off the ball action.

Coty: The Rockets need to establish more of an inside-outside game with Dwight Howard, and stop shooting so many 3-pointers. There were some moments last season where they should have fed Howard the ball, but took 3-point shots instead. I know Howard does not have the greatest post game, but he is still an offensive threat down low. Hopefully Howard and James Harden can create the inside-outside game Houston once had with Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady.

Eric: With Lawson entering the mix, the Rockets will definitely have to adjust their offensive scheme in order to include possessions/plays dedicated to Lawson. Ty can effectively run an offense, and it will be interesting to see how the coaching staff not only breaks up Lawson’s minutes, but also what plays they dedicate to him.

James: The Rockets have the added scoring punch of Ty Lawson, and that will surely help. The downside this season is the Rockets lost a big contributor in Josh Smith. The Rockets are likely expecting Terrence Jones to handle much of the duties at the PF position, and their rookie Montrezl Harrell should be able to earn some minutes quickly with his contagious play.

John: I would hope that with Ty Lawson running the point they will GO GO GO!! I expect to see a higher octane offensive plan of attack. Their fast break scoring should be one of the best in the League. As well as having Lawson who can score from anywhere on the floor he will also help free up Howard and Harden to do what they do best.

Joshua: They have to find success on offense without the ball being in Harden’s hands all the time. It put too much pressure on Harden, and makes it to where the offense is nonexistent without him on the floor. Ty Lawson will have an immediate impact in this area, and will help the Rockets make vast improvements on the offensive end.

Trey: Only change on offense is that Lawson will get everybody more open shots and the Rockets won’t have to depend on just Harden towards the end of the year.

Tamberlyn: McHale has already stated the point of emphasis this season is to get the ball moving up the court quicker (they want it in the paint within 3 to 4 seconds of a rebound or inbound) to allow for choices in offense. McHale also noted they learned from the Warriors series whereas the Rockets didn’t always wait for their best opportunity which resulted in forced shots late in the clock.

Lawson should appease a portion of this problem while increased ball and player movement should help address it further. I’m anxious to see how many things they’ve “borrowed” from the Warriors high ball/player movement sets. Versatility is the key word in terms of the Rockets offense this season with capable players with expertise in the post, driving, catch and shoot and 3-point prowess as well as 2 superb shot creators. All this and we haven’t even touched on the addition of Marcus Thornton who at 6’4” can also drive the paint or go off on one of his scoring outbursts.

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