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Space City Scoop Round Table – Houston Rockets 2015-16 Season: Part 1

By Tamberlyn Richardson
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Dec 13, 2014; Houston, TX, USA; Denver Nuggets guard Ty Lawson (3) drives to the basket during the fourth quarter as Houston Rockets guard Patrick Beverley (2) defends at Toyota Center. The Rockets defeated the Nuggets 108-96. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Q4: Take a guess at Lawson and Beverley’s numbers this season and what areas of their game will improve or lessen compared to last season?

Andre: They will decrease in both accounts as they will share the point, that’s what I estimate. But I’ll make an educated (although optimistic) guess – Lawson will be around 14pts/7ast/3rebs and Beverley: 8pts/3rebs/2.5ast. I don’t think Lawson’s game will take a step back or suffer any dramatic drop. Although I predict his assists numbers to lessen a little I’m of the opinion he will in fact improve this aspect of his game as he’s now playing beside two All-Star caliber players. Beverley received some rough criticism last season as his overall defensive ability was scrutinized and some suggested he might be overrated defensively. I believe Pat returns to his defensive form this year since he can put even greater emphasis there.

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  • Anthony: – Beverley has never really been a stat sheet stuffer but noticeably his accuracy from 3 has improved and should continue to do so, I expect his corner 3 percentage to increase. Lawson’s assist number will stay around the 9-12 range. There are so many weapons for him to utilize he can be a huge part of this team without even having to average 10 points per game.

    Coty: Playing with Dwight Howard and James Harden, I think Ty Lawson can lead the league in assists this year. My guess for Lawson is 15.0 points, 11.0 assists, and 3.0 rebounds per game. As for Patrick Beverley, if he can accept his role off the bench, I see him averaging 11.0 points, 5.0 assists, and 4.0 rebounds per game.

    Eric: Predicting Lawson or Beverley’s statistics for this season depends on their role on the team. If Lawson starts, his scoring should stay around the same as last season (~15 ppg) but I believe his assist numbers will drop to around 7 per game. With Beverley, I see no reason as to why his stats would increase or decrease dramatically. Unless, however, Beverley leads the second unit in which case I can see his assist numbers jumping to around 5 per game. Whether he comes off the bench of not, I believe Beverley’s scoring (~10 ppg) and rebounding (~4 per game) will stay the same. In terms of possible areas of improvement, I can see Beverley’s play-making abilities increasing if he is given the ball more off the bench.

    Last season (pts/asts/rebs)
    Beverley: 10.1/3.4/4.2
    Lawson: 15.2/9.6/3.1

    Interestingly enough, the numbers alone lead me to believe Lawson would be the better fit as the starter, but i believe Beverley’s numbers will improve after having lots of time to work on different parts of his game. The numbers will depend on the minutes and roles given to these players. If Lawson starts, expect higher shooting percentages to come with playing with guys like Howard and Harden who draw double teams.

    John: Lawson’s number will see a dip especially in the scoring department. As well as a slight dip in assists, due to James Hardens ability with the ball and his need to have it. I see Lawson staying near a double-double Averaging 14.0 ppg and 9.0 apg aren’t out of the question.

    Beverley is an intriguing case as he may or may not be starting depending on who you ask. In his new role he will be expected to knock down big shots and be a lock down defender. 8pts a game and 4rebs sounds about right but him staying healthy all year will be his biggest attribute if he can do it.

    Joshua: I’ll say Lawson will be a 17 points, 10 assists, 2 rebounds guy, and that Beverley will be get 8 points, 2 assists, and 3.5 rebounds guy. I think it will be easier for Lawson to score this season since there will be other players for the opposing team to worry about, and that his assists numbers will remain as high as last season since he has better teammates to dish it out to. I think Beverley will play fewer minutes than he did last season, and see a slight drop off in production because of that.

    Trey: Lawson may be as close to a double-double this season but I see him scoring about 11.0 PPG and passing at 7.0-8.0 APG. Beverley may lose a few points a game and finish around 8.0 PPG, but his rebounding and defense will always be his money maker.

    Tamberlyn: I’m of the school of thought that Beverley will potentially increase his output if he’s a reserve. Not having to expend so much energy to guard the best player will allow him to keep his legs fresh longer and subsequently could lead to an extra three a game. For as much as everyone thinks Lawson’s numbers were maxed last year his points per game were his lowest in 4 seasons. This was because he was the primary (if not only) play maker in Denver. I’m going to increase Beverley slightly to 11P/4.9A/5R and decrease Lawson slightly though I won’t be surprised if his points are the same as last season 13.7P/7.9A/2.2R

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