Space City Scoop Round Table – Houston Rockets 2015-16 Season: Part 2

By Tamberlyn Richardson
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Mar 27, 2015; Syracuse, NY, USA; Louisville Cardinals forward Montrezl Harrell (24) reacts after a play during the second half against the North Carolina State Wolfpack in the semifinals of the east regional of the 2015 NCAA Tournament at Carrier Dome. Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Q8: Recognizing they were selected 18th and 32nd, which player (Dekker/Harrell) will exceed expectations?

Andre: Going forward, Montrezl Harrell will probably far exceed expectations. With due time and hard work Harrell can polish his game and become a fan favorite at Toyota Center.

Anthony: For Dekker it’s going to take some time because in today’s league it’s just tough for a player at his position to come in and have an immediate impact when you have to go against guys like LeBron, KD and Kawhi. For Harrell at his position all you’re asked to do is really be a rim protector and bring energy to a veteran squad. I believe both will be good pros it’s just going to take Dekker a little longer.

Coty: Since he was the 32nd pick, there are some low expectations for Montrezl Harrell this season. However, I think Harrell will exceed expectations this season. No one believes me, but I think this guy will developed into a great NBA player. Hopefully, my boy will make one of the All-Rookie teams this season.

Eric: While I do believe that Dekker will be a solid NBA player, I think Harrell will exceed the expectations of a 32nd pick. Harrell will always be of use to an NBA team because he provides energy and rebounding, something that every team needs. As you can tell from my previous answers, I am very high on Harrell. That doesn’t mean I’m not high on Dekker, I just believe that Dekker will meet the expectations of the 18th pick: a solid, but unspectacular NBA player.

James: This one is kind of unfair to Dekker. He was drafted in the first-round as expected by most, but he might take a few years to get acclimated with the NBA talent on the floor. Harrell on the other hand was predicted to go in the first round, so naturally, I believe he will exceed expectations. He will likely shine among those drafted in the second round.

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John: Montrezl Harrell has a chance to be a big time steal. He rebounds, plays with a high motor and his offensive game is coming along nicely. Big time things to come from Harrell.

Joshua: Dekker. I think his game will open up as a Rocket. Wisconsin played at a slower place, which I think kept his game from reaching its full potential. As a Rocket, where he will get to run the break, and shoot a lot of threes, I think Dekker will have a chance to show off his talents. The trick will be in finding some minutes to play on a deep Rockets roster.

Trey: Dekker will exceed a little more of the expectations, could be a top 10 player of this stacked draft in about 5 years.

Tamberlyn: With McDaniels in the fold I doubt we get to see Dekker much with the big club, so barring injuries its likely Harrell has more of an opportunity. Long term however I think Dekker has more tools in his box that Wisconsin either didn’t utilize or didn’t benefit from given their slow pace. Again, if Dekker works on his lateral speed to improve his defense, gains some strength to deal with the SF NBA monsters and mixes drives with his ability to shoot I think he’ll end up being a solid pick. Harrell will always bring energy and grit, but can he develop a mid range game? If not he becomes a specialist who brings energy off the bench.

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