Houston Rockets: Space City Scoop Round Table – Award Predictions, Part 1

By Tamberlyn Richardson
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Apr 12, 2015; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Rockets guard James Harden (13) celebrates making a three point shot against the New Orleans Pelicans during the second quarter at the Toyota Center. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Q1: Does James Harden win MVP this year? If not, who does?

Andre: He was so close last year and in my (and the NBPA) opinion he was definitely the one that deserved it the most. I believe it will come down to James Harden, Steph Curry again and Anthony Davis. I don’t think Anthony Davis can get his Pelicans out of the Wild West. So let’s hope the NBA makes up for last year’s mistake and does give it to the Beard.

Anthony: Nope, congrats Anthony Davis.

Coty: James Harden will have another MVP caliber season this year, but I do not think he will win the award. Sorry Rockets fans, but I think this year’s MVP will be Kevin Durant. Last season was not a good year for Oklahoma City Thunder. A foot injury limited Durant to 27 games, and though Russell Westbrook had a phenomenal season, he was unable to lead the Thunders to the playoffs. If Durant can stay healthy this season, he will remind NBA fans why he is the “best player in the world.” Sorry LeBron.

Eric: James Harden has a very good chance of winning the MVP this season. However, due to Ty Lawson’s arrival, I think Harden’s stats may decrease in certain categories. I think that if Kevin Durant returns to full health, he has a great chance of winning the MVP and leading the Thunder to the Western Conference Finals. I would say Harden is tied with Steph Curry for 2nd in terms of the MVP race.

John: Harden will definitely be in the conversation once again. This season will be a bit tougher with Kevin Durant coming back from injury. Not to mention Durant’s teammate Russell Westbrook with a full season under his belt could take home the MVP.  And, let’s not forget guys like LeBron James and reigning MVP Stephen Curry with something to prove this season. Curry, that he isn’t a one hit wonder and LBJ will be out to prove he’s still the best in the league. My money is on Anthony Davis out of New Orleans having a breakout year and taking home the MVP honors.

Joshua: If James Harden doesn’t win MVP this year it’ll be because LeBron or Durant win instead. With a roster capable of winning a championship, the Rockets are in position to have a great season, of which Harden would be the center piece. LeBron, however, is the best player in the NBA, and Durant will be eager to remind the league of his status after missing most of last season.

Trey: Unfortunately Harden won’t win this year, I see LeBron James taking back his crown this season.

Tamberlyn: We begin the season with 7 players spotlighted as contenders and potential for surprises:

Every season we debate on who should win and why they should win. Last season voters based their decision on the top team, rewarding Curry. The problem is voters can be fickle and change their mindset to reward an up and coming player (Davis) or decide it should go to LeBron for winning  without Irving in the line-up for a portion of the season (ignoring the fact that’s why Harden should have won last season).

Based on his current mindset if Harden doesn’t win it won’t be for a lack of desire or effort. I’ve got a side debate running with a friend that Westbrook should get more consideration for all he does and perhaps if he comes close to averaging a triple-double again he’ll finally get his due, but odds are if OKC are league best it will go to Durant.

Personally, I’d like to see Harden or Westbrook win, and it sure would be good for the Association if Durant comes back from 3 surgeries to reclaim it. But, unfortunately my gut says LeBron wins and will make a concerted effort all season to remind voters why he deserves it – on and off the court.  Of note: I also reserve the right to hotly debate who should win MVP all season long!

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