For the Love of the Game – An Ode to the NBA By a Houston Rockets Fan

By John Bauer
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Tonight is the night all you hoops heads have been waiting for (though Houston Rockets fans will have to wait one more sleep), as the 2015-2016 NBA season officially tips off. I for one cannot wait! I love everything about the NBA, from LeBron James hairline (or lack thereof) to the 76ers getting blown out by 40 points in a meaningless November game (its only meaningless because Philadelphia is usually eliminated by then).

Sorry Sixers fans, but if they refuse to put out an NBA-caliber team, then any shot I take at them is warranted. I even love all the Kobe supporters out there who still think he is a top player in this league — you guys are truly loyal and I respect that.

This off season has been full of excitement. San Antonio reloaded in a big way with LaMarcus Aldridge and David West joining the Evil Empire. We saw more bizarre off season stories, like Matt Barnes of Memphis and Derek Fisher (head coach of the Knicks) having some type of altercation involving Barnes’ estranged wife and Fisher’s new girlfriend. How about poor Luke Ridnour who was traded to seemingly every team but the Houston Rockets this off season?

(image courtesy of adidas)

I personally loved that James Harden couldn’t stop wearing Nike shoes after signing a massive deal with adidas. I find it hilarious because, for 200 million dollars, I would wear or stop wearing anything the person giving me that kind of cash would want. Harden has had quite the off season and for those unaware here is a beautifully done off season recap written by Space City Scoops own Joshua Van Horn.

I’m pretty sure that the Rockets are more than excited to finally play some real basketball after all the off season drama Harden and company had. Montrezl Harrell was linked to the Louisville sex scandal (and on that note, Rick Pitino needs to either resign or be fired — if he keeps his job after all this I will have lost all faith in college basketball). Newly acquired point guard Ty Lawson acquired his second DUI in the calendar year.

As bad as all that sounds for our beloved Rockets it isn’t as bad as a certain Chicago Bulls superstar who had a terrible off season. Yes, Derrick Rose, I’m talking about you. Has any superstar fallen from grace quicker than Rose?

After a sexual assault accusation, nonsensical comments about his next contract, teammates questioning his work ethic and yet another injury, it seems patience with Rose is wearing thin. But not to worry Bulls fans, Jimmy Butler has arrived on the scene and is on his way to becoming a top player in this league, so your season will be fine as well as entertaining.

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