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Houston Rockets Game Day: Clippers Seek Revenge

By Tamberlyn Richardson
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Chris Paul looking like Kevin Hart at the celebrity game

Projected Starters:

Clippers: Chris Paul, (if Paul can’t go who starts at point, Austin Rivers?) J.J. Redick, Wesley Johnson , Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan

Rockets: Ty Lawson, James HardenMarcus Thornton, Trevor Ariza, Dwight Howard

Grading the Match-ups:

Point Guard – Chris Paul vs Ty Lawson:

Pound for pound these 2 diminutive point guards might be the toughest in the Association.  Especially Paul who has repeatedly been denied a trip to the finals with untimely injuries. Charles Barkley is notorious for saying it’s hard to win a championship when the toughest guy on your team is 6′ tall.

Last night’s game showcased how far the Rockets have to go until their offense is clicking based on how much James Harden was handling the ball it’s obvious the decision has been made to keep him as the primary ball handler … for the moment. With 3 days off to practice following tonight’s match it’s a given the Rockets will try to use practice to get their offense on track incorporating Lawson more. Regardless Lawson is looking more natural in the offense and the chemistry he’s building with Howard is obvious. For more on their chemistry see Coty Davis’ article.

Sad Chris Paul is the NBA’s newest meme:

— SB Nation (@SBNation) November 6, 2015

Slight Edge: Chris Paul takes this one based even nursing an injury, he’s the best player on the Clippers and the most competitive. As per my sarcasm above if CP3 can’t go then it could be Austin Rivers starting which would give the Rockets a huge advantage.

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