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Houston Rockets: NBA Confirms They Missed Goal Tending Call

By Andre Cantalogo

NBA Confirms Dwight Howard Committed Goal Tending Foul In Last Seconds of Los Angeles Clippers Game.

If you caught the extremely entertaining game between the Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Clippers you might have noticed there was a big to do at the end of the game.

The league confirmed in its Last Two Minutes report that the referees from Saturday’s game in Los Angeles missed a goal tending call.

It occurred during what would have been a game-tying shot by Blake Griffin and was committed by Dwight Howard when he cleared the ball while still on the rim. At the time of the no call, many thought Blake Griffin also had his hand in the net.

NBA says Dwight Howard committed a goaltend on Blake Griffin’s potential game-tying shot in final 20 seconds.

— Dan Woike (@DanWoikeSports) November 8, 2015

Here’s some of the different reactions regarding the missed call:

"“ I just try and not let the ball get in the basket. It’s [the referee’s] job to make calls and my job to play. Can’t do nothing about it now.” – Dwight Howard"

"“ ” – Doc Rivers I just thought it was a very clear one to call, but that’s not why we lost the game. I didn’t think we played very well, and I didn’t think we had a great sense of urgency."

"“ .” – Blake Griffin Listen, reffing games is very hard. I tried to ref a Little League camp game this summer and it didn’t go so well, so I know. This game’s going fast. I don’t think any of those guys missed it on purpose, I really don’t"

While it’s unfortunate, missed calls are part of sports everywhere in the world and it’s definitely refreshing that Doc Rivers and Blake Griffin don’t blame their team’s loss on that play and instead focused on their own faults and mistakes during the match.

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