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Houston Rockets Must Find Minutes For Marcus Thornton

By Joshua Van Horn

With Houston Rockets power forward Terrence Jones set to return to action Wednesday against the Brooklyn Nets, the Rockets will look to manage their rotation so that guard Marcus Thornton can continue to thrive on offense.

Being the most effective offensive weapon behind James Harden so far this season, the Rockets will need to find quality  minutes for Thornton whether he continues to start or comes off the bench. Averaging 16 points, 4 rebounds, and 2 assists, Thornton has played an important part in each of the Rockets 4 wins.

From beyond the arc, Thornton has shot an impressive 40%, establishing himself as the Rockets go-to-guy when they need a quick three to end a shooting drought. Thornton has also provided an offensive consistency that the Rockets lacked last season. With Harden on the bench, the Rockets have been able to rely on Thornton to score the ball.

Marcus Thornton is now shooting 45% on catch-and-shoot opportunities. Paired with his PnR abilities, Rockets versatility grows on offense.

— Rockets Insider (@Rockets_Insider) November 8, 2015

While there has yet to be official word on whether Thornton will return to the bench or not, the Rockets must find ways to continue to use Thornton to their advantage.

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