Houston Rockets and Pat Beverley Can’t Get Easy Pass At Home

By Trey Oursler

Rockets Point Guard Patrick Beverley Arrested for Open Warrant Wednesday

Prior to Wednesday night’s loss to the 0-7 Brooklyn Nets which was tough enough already, Houston Rockets point guard Patrick Beverley was pulled over and arrested for a warrant involving his E-Z tags on his 2013 Rolls Royce and possibly a few other cars.

Beverley was on his way to practice Wednesday when he was stopped in Pearland for bad registration and not having permanent plates on his car. Once stopped and checked, the officer explained that he had a warrant for not paying his E-Z tag fines and fees.

It didn’t help that Beverley was missing his license when the officer pulled him over, but he ended up just getting a citation for that particular instance. He was also forced to miss shoot-around, which was actually important with him coming off a concussion.

The fines added up to $321.00 total; he wasn’t aware of the fines or the warrant when he was initially pulled over. It wasn’t until later, once Beverley was out of his car, that the officer told him that he was being pulled over for speeding in a school zone, which he didn’t agree with, but was ticketed for.

Foti Kallergis of ABC 13 reported the video of the stop which shows Beverley’s frustration and his confrontation with the police. He was visibly upset and did not agree with anything the officer’s wanted to do, including when the officer attempted to put the seatbelt on Beverley once he was in the back of the car.

The Rockets lock-down defender has been dealing was concussion protocol recently and has missed a few games. He also dealt with wrist surgery in the off-season, so it’s understandable why he wasn’t too happy with them putting the handcuffs on.

Beverley took care of the fines immediately and was released before Wednesday’s match-up with the Nets. He played just under nine minutes in the game and scored three points on 1/5 shooting with two assists.

The Rockets released a statement regarding Beverley being released from jail yesterday, but haven’t mentioned if Beverley will take on any other punishment.

After the arrest was over and he was able to speak with the media at Toyota Center, Beverley seemed calm, kind of confused and even joked about the seriousness of the crime.

The fourth year pro from the University of Arkansas is averaging 5.5 points, 3.7 rebounds and 1.2 assists in his six games played this season. He is also averaging just over 17 minutes per game with the off-season acquisition of Ty Lawson starting.

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