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Houston Rockets: Grading Player Contracts

By Andre Cantalogo
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May 27, 2015; Oakland, CA, USA; Houston Rockets forward Trevor Ariza (1) reacts during the game against the Golden State Warriors in game five of the Western Conference Finals of the NBA Playoffs at Oracle Arena. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Doubtful Contracts

Corey Brewer – Current Salary: $8,200,000 / Guaranteed Contract: $23,400,000 (Through 2017-2018 season) – Corey Brewer had a great season last year. He is very quick which leads to him being a great fast break player, has no problem coming off the bench and is able to shift the course of the game especially in the fourth quarter.

His salary though, is only adequate if the upcoming bump in cap space is taken into consideration, which it is. Through the first few games of this season he hasn’t been producing at the level Clutch City has become accustomed to. Yet, there are reasonable explanations given the injuries, lack of practice which has affected the players ability to build on court chemistry. And he’s a streaky player.

His shots are flat from all over the court (31% overall field goal percentage and 14.3% from three), he is also having problems penetrating the opposite paint. It’s early and he is bound to improve as the season progresses, but Brewer is no longer a key piece – not even on the bench – Morey will have no problem unloading him in the pursuit of Kevin Durant or even involving him in a trade.

Grade: C

Jason Terry – Current Salary: $1,499,187 (Veteran’s Minimum) – The Jet is a valuable piece off the bench providing the Rockets with Championship experience and can still knock down his jump shot. He is here solely because he is a third point guard option and could be dumped for cap space.

Grade: B-

Trevor Ariza – Current Salary: $8,193,030 / Guaranteed Contract: $23,420,913 (Through 2017-2018 season) – Before everyone stops reading my article right here, just understand that I’m simply pulling the “Kevin Durant chase” argument here. Yes, the Rockets would have to give up Trevor Ariza in order to have a shot at Durant. You could check out the math and the sacrifices of KD’s signing reading fellow SCS writer Coty Davis article here, where he debates whether it’s even worth the effort.

Trevor is arguably the most consistent Rocket, he is also a former champion and his contract scales down by year. Comparing him to the rest of the league he is earning less than players who aren’t as talented, aren’t 2-way contributors and some are frankly unstable characters like Iman Shumpert, Lance Stephenson, Gerald Wallace, JaVale McGee and yes, you probably know where this is going: Chandler Parsons

Grade: B+

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