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Houston Rockets: Throwback Thursday

By John Bauer

It’s Thursday Rockets nation, so that can only mean one thing: Let’s throw it back, or as better known by the youth of today, #TBT.

Earlier in the day I went over Clyde Drexler and Hakeem Olajuwon‘s milestones achieved during the month of November. During that I came across the video below.

Once you let that sink in, I’m sure you had to watch it again because it didn’t make sense. Well, Rockets Nation, that was an attempt by the Houston Rockets to thank you for you support of the team and/or get you to buy season tickets. (No one really knows if it’s one or both.)

“As everyone knows, it’s not easy being a sports fan in Houston” is their selling point to get you on board, which I find a bit odd. Houston was champions of the 93-94 and 94-95 seasons. You would think the marketing department could have used something a bit different to sell tickets or thank you for your support.

I seriously have no clue what the goal here was. All I know for sure is this is a classic case of something that would never fly in today’s society. Implying rooting for a sports team will cause you to commit suicide is beyond frowned upon in 2015, but in 1994 it was completely allowed. So what’s a perfect example of a #TBT? This one has it all: a Vernon Maxwell mention, the Rockets and a prime example between the “Then and Now”

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